4 ways to make money from digital marketing

So you are learning digital marketing…

You are learning about paid ads, Learning about SEO, Learning about content marketing, Email marketing, Marketing automation Blogging and content marketing…. And so on…

ways to make money from digital marketing

ways to make money from digital marketing

But what’s the point?

What’s the point of learning all this?

It costs TIME to learn this. And it also costs MONEY if you want good quality training. So, after you invest TIME & MONEY to learn digital marketing… You have to make money from your digital marketing skills. You need to monetize your learning. You have to consider this time and money as an investment – for future returns. In this email, I want to talk about how to get that money back…

How to make an ROI (Return on Investment) on learning digital marketing?

From my experience, I see 4 major ways to do it:

  1. Become a Blogger & Affiliate Marketer
  2. Get a Digital Marketing Job
  3. Start a Freelancing Career or a Digital Marketing Agency.
  4. Grow your existing business using digital marketing

Let’s discuss this one by one, and by the end of this email, let’s find out which is the best one for you…

  1. Become a Blogger & Affiliate Marketer

If you are the type of person who wants time and location freedom, becoming a blogger is your best choice.

You can work from anywhere.

You will not have a boss.

You need not be the boss to anyone.

Your blog(s) will become assets. And a source of passive income.

You can travel, and take holidays whenever you want.

A blog can attract traffic.

You can monetize that traffic by selling others products (affiliate marketing) or by launching your own products.

You can build an email list, and have followers on all social media channels.

Everything can be automated.

This is one of the best options to live the life of your dreams.

Especially, if travelling is what you want to do.

But you cannot become a successful blogger just like that.

To grow your blog, you need to learn digital marketing.

And you have to be extremely good at it.

One of the reasons for the growth of my blog is that I have learned and applied digital marketing to grow it.

Blogging is great for you if:

  • You are ready to wait long term for the income to come.
  • You are comfortable appearing in-front of an audience
  • You love being a celebrity among your followers and love that attention!


Blogging might not be for you if:

  • You are not interested or comfortable in creating a personal brand
  • You are not comfortable to appear in front of an audience
  • You want faster growth and more assured income
  • You are not interested in a lifestyle business.


You can get a good digital marketing job.

Which leads us to the 2nd way to monetize your skill…

  1. Get a Digital Marketing Job:

A lot of companies need digital marketers.

Because old methods of marketing doesn’t work anymore.

Ads on TV, Newspapers, Radio and Magazines are not working.

That’s because people are not spending enough time on it.

The people are using digital devices.

They are using mobiles, tablets and laptops.

The people are spending time on social media, apps and websites.

Instead of TV, Newspaper and Magazines.

So every business that is already having a product or service…

Every business that is already making revenue…

Now needs to shift their focus to digital marketing.

But these are medium to big businesses.

And digital marketing is not easy.

So they are looking for digital marketing candidates to hire.

They want Paid Ads Experts.

They want social media experts.

Content marketing experts.

SEO experts.

And so on…

So if you can learn digital marketing well…

Then you can get a good digital marketing job.

You can get a job in one of the companies in your own city.

But you can also do blogging on the side.

In fact, you can start blogging right away.

Because the blog will give you experience in Digital Marketing.

You can show this on your resume as a project that you did.

And you can get a job much easier than other people who applied for the same job.

Because this blog proves that you take initiative.

This blog proves that you know digital marketing.

And in the future, you can also make this blog a full time income earner, if things go well.

That’s exactly my story.

I started my blog DigitalDeepak on the side.

I wanted to write about digital marketing so that I can add it to my resume.

I kept posting 1-2 articles a month for 5 years.

And it kept building the traffic for me.

And then I started building an email list.

And then I launched my first course to the email list in 2016.

And the very first launch I made 2.5x my monthly salary.

That’s how my career changed.

Now my blog has grown into a full time business of its own.

So either way, you should start a blog 🙂


What if you don’t want a job?

What if you want to run your own business?

What if you want to start a business?

And you are not ready to be a lifestyle blogger…

That takes us to the 3rd option…

  1. Be a Freelancer and/or Start a Digital Marketing Agency

You can use your digital marketing skills to help other businesses.

But you don’t want a job.

So, you can be a freelancer.

And if the business grows, you can convert your freelancing career into an agency.

That’s another great method to use your digital marketing skills.

A lot of companies are looking for help in digital marketing areas.

You can get clients.

Charge them on a project basis or hourly basis.

You can start as a freelancer.

Then you can grow into an agency with full time employees.

That’s what I did.

I have tried all the 3.

I’ve made money as a blogger.

I’ve made money as an employee in digital marketing.

I’ve done freelancing and consulting.

And now I am running a digital marketing agency called PixelTrack with a team of 10 members.

I’ve spoken extensively about how to become a blogger and get a digital marketing job.

I am yet to give tips on how to start and run a successful digital marketing agency.

That’s because I am also learning how to run an agency.

There is a lot to learn there.

It will take some more time before I start teaching others how to start an agency.

Because my primary focus is to make the agency successful.

And then I can teach it.

In the long term, unless you want to be a lifestyle blogger, you would want to start an agency.


The opportunity is HUGE.

If you start an agency and make it successful, you can easily make 5-10 lakhs INR per month ($7,000 – $15,000 per month).

Once you setup the systems and processes, you will be able to scale it quickly.

So stay tuned for my updates on how to start an agency and grow it.

Until then learn digital marketing through blogging.

Or learn advanced digital marketing through my training videos 🙂

And let’s not miss the 4th one.

  1. Use Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business

This step is kinda obvious.

We’ve already talked about why digital marketing is important.

People are spending their time on digital mediums.

The only way to reach customers is via digital marketing.

So if you are running a business, your growth will come from digital marketing.

You need to stop using traditional marketing right now.

If you can hire a digital marketers and build a team, great.

But as a business owner, you should also learn digital marketing.

So reply to this email and tell me…

What’s your preferred way of monetizing your digital marketing skill?

Looking forward to your reply

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