Kinemaster Pro MOD APK Download Latest v4.12.3.15162 July 2020 [Premium Fully Unlocked] 2020

Kinemaster Pro Mod APK – Nowadays people love to edit videos because YouTube is a great platform for all the people that exist. If you like to edit videos then this article is good for you. And if you are tired of searching for a perfect application to edit your videos, we give you the simplest and most creative application to edit your video for any platform.

This Kinemaster Mod APK file is for you. The modern application that we are providing totally free. Stunning transition effects image of Diya and much more in this kinemaster apk file. This application has many features that you would like to know about. You can edit videos like a pro with the help of this app.

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What is Kinemaster Mod APK?

Kinemaster Mod APK is a fully unlocked video editor. It is the best mobile alternative to the high-end computer editor. Kinemaster does all the editing and mixing you can expect from computer software.

It is a simple but powerful editor for an Android user that helps the user to create some better and effective videos with the use of transition voice that involves image of layer effects and more.

Kinemaster Mod APK is a simple and powerful application for creating deep edits. It has tools like multiple video layers, voice overspeed control transition special effect subtitles and many more features.

The creators of YouTube TikTok and Instagram also some journalists and educators and people who work as marketers and bloggers use kinemaster Mod APK as professional software to edit their video. Here we have shared a simple and convenient way to download the kinemaster apk file.

Download Kinemaster MOD APK

You can download the kinemaster Mod APK from the link given below in the download section description.

Download the kinemaster APK and let us know how you like the video editing software. As the new version has many more new features, we recommend that you download and use this software.

NameKinemaster Pro Mod Apk
Size76 MB
Modded Version4.13.7.15948.GP
Offered ByKinemaster Corporation
Mod FeaturesPro Unlocked + No Watermark
Updated OnJune 27, 2020
Installation GuideRead Here

Kinemaster MOD APK APK Features

After knowing what type of Master it is and what type of Master Mod APK file it is. Let’s see what are the features of kinemaster Mod APK. The following are the great features of kinemaster Mod APK which have been briefly described one by one.



One of the best features of kinemaster is animation. Kinemaster pro APK helps us get a lot of animation while editing a video. anyone can add various available scenes or even download special effects from external kinemaster sources and use it in their video.

Speed ​​control


Most of the time you see in a video that sometimes it speeds up and sometimes it slows down. With the help of kinemaster we can control the speed of our video. And this helps a pro to your video like a pro. Especially for blogger, this speed control function is very important and useful to edit your video.

No watermark


In kinemaster pro APK there is no watermark at the end of video editing. This is the best feature of mod kinemaster pro APK app, due to this feature people use this app for their professional life.



After editing the video in kinemaster pro APK, you can directly share it on any social sites platform like YouTube Facebook google plus and many more. This is one of the best features of kinemaster pro APK.

Multiple layers


Kinemaster Mod APK supports unlimited layers of handwriting text and overlay. And it supports 10 layers of video depending on the device you are using. Anyone can easily adjust the layer position and time. By using keyframe animation, anyone can animate layers.

Voice recording

You can add voice over text to any video you are editing while previewing your project to record audio. This helps a person who makes a motivational video on motivation and comments on a comment video.

When you edit the video, the video will play the way you want to play it while the voice will be attached.

Transition effect

First, the latter know what the transition effect is. When we watch the Bollywood Hollywood movie, we see special effects between the video slides and they look pretty good. This effect is called a transition effect. In the movie, the news movie transition effect, which is a technique used in the film editing and video post-production process that combines scenes or shots.

In kinemaster pro it is used but for a very short time. Transition offers a very different type of effect, such as gradual fade, gradual fade, erase, and many more. All these done in a single application called kinemaster.

Chroma Key


Most of the time you see the green screen while recording a video. That green screen is called the Chroma screen. Chroma key is used to change the background of your video as the background chroma screen that can replace anything in the video. This feature makes it easy for a video editor to edit the video like a pro.

We think this is an excellent feature as we have used this feature and it was quite impressive. With the help of the key Chroma function, we can make the video look professional. This is why most YouTube TikTok and other platform users use this kinemaster feature.

These were the best features of kinemaster pro APK. We have listed all the best features in detail as you have seen above.

How to Download and install KineMaster MOD APK?

After knowing the APK application of kinemaster Mod and knowing the characteristics of kinemaster. Let’s move on to how we can download the Kinemaster Mod Apk file. Following the steps detailed below, we can download the uninstallation of kinemaster Mod APK on our Android device.

  • If you have installed kinemaster from Google Play Store, you must uninstall it.
  • Then click on the link below to download the kinemaster pro Mod APK.
  • Once the apk file is downloaded, click on the download section.
  • Then click on the kinemaster pro mod apk file.
  • then it will ask for permission to go to settings and allow access from other sources to be installed.
  • Then click the install button.
  • After some time the installation will be finished.
  • Click on the installed kinemaster APK file and enjoy editing your video.
  • This is how you download and install kinemaster Mod APK and use it absolutely free on your Android device.

How to edit video in Kinemaster MOD APK

You can edit videos on kinemaster like a pro. all you need to do is set up the kinemaster and start editing the videos. after some time, you will learn all the features, like the layers in the video, adding text in the video, adding the audio file to a video file.

You can also learn all the things like transition effect, and after a while, you will gain mastery in video editing with the use of kinemaster pro APK.

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Frequently asked questions (frequently asked questions)

Is kinemaster Mod APK safe?

Yes, kinemaster Mod APK is safe to use if you download it from a trustworthy website like ours. After downloading the kinemaster Mod APK, install it on your device, by the way, as stated above

Is kinemaster pro APK free?

Yes, kinemaster pro is free if you download it from our website. If you have the Play Store version, you need to buy some stuff in kinemaster pro.

Last word

In this article, we have learned about kinemaster pro APK. We got to know what kind of Master Pro APK is and what are the features of Kinemaster Pro APK. We know that it provides a special transition effect and video editing functions.

We know that this kinemaster pro APK is very easy to use on our Android smartphone. I have to know how you can download this file. We also show inside some frequently asked questions from users.

If you have any queries or questions please let us know in the comments section, we will try to resolve it as soon as possible. Thanks for reading this article

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